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Pastel Containers

Behold these beautifully bold containers! Inspired by nature and designed to be 3D printed. They make for some rather splendid prints.

The designs look amazing planted up with succulents (which is what we did with them), but also make striking serving dishes or simply decorative containers.

There are three designs to enjoy: Cactus Cup, Ripple Bowl and Armadillo Dish.

Print at 0.20mm layer height with 2 perimeters and 10% infill.

A pattern has been added to the base of each design to help prevent warping (as well as making them look super cool). There are also some 'lilypads' on the 'dish' for additional warp prevention, as this has a larger base.

We have also made avaialble the .STL files as solid filled objects. This to allow for faster prints in 'vase' mode (single shell with 0% infill) should you so wish.

The prints shown have been done in Faberdashery Bubblegum Blue, Cherry Blossom Pink, Mint Cream, Sugarplum, Vanilla Milk and Pistachio Pie.

We hope you enjoy them!

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