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Blind clips for shade blinds valance

These clips are a rough version of the original clips with several design improvements. The original clips are supplied with 2" slat blinds. The clips will hold the decorative valance on to the top mechanism body. It was discovered that the original clips break after a few years of exposure to the sun. Use these clips to replace the broken clips.

The Cad file has been provided to allow you to customize in both a Turbocad8 and DXF format. 

Print instructions:

- ABS filament (for flexibility and temperature stability)

- Layer height: 0.20

- Infill: 30%  (file slices primarily as walls only)

Slide the clips over the blind mechanism body. Attach the arrow-type locks into the back side of the valance, in the groove slot. 

To remove the valance, lift the lower tab to release the lower arrow-type lock from the valance groove.


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