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E3D Chimera / Cyclops Mount w/ Servo & Cooling Fan for Prusa i3 Rework X carriage.

This has been replaced with an openscad design, which is constistenly being updated. For the time being I am hosting it only at

I wish youmagine had an openscad customizer... I would really prefer to host it here.

This is my X Carriage mount for the awesome E3D Chimera / Cyclops hotend. It includes a mount for a print cooling fan as well as a Z Probe Servo mount and Z Probe arm. I started out with another mount but found it didn't quite fit what I was looking for. So I gutted it and built a new one using the chimera hole pattern from This mount adds a print cooling fan, nut traps across the board, moves the Z Probe Servo mount to a better position that doesn't interfere with X movement and centralizes the mass a bit more. This also puts the Z probe endstop switch very close to the Y and Z axis of the extruder tip.  

Effective fan shroud designs is an art... I commend those of you who do it well the first time round. I currently have about 40 hours into the fan design..  

UPDATE: Fan Mount 6 for 50mm fan has been added. It increases the size of the opening, less blowback and relocates the nozzle to avoid melting on the hot end. Please test it and let me know how it works.

UPDATE 2: I am working on a modification to use blower fans. First will be the 75mm x 30mm and then a 50mm x 15mm. Coming soon!

X carriage mount uses m4 screws and nuts.  

Servo mount uses m3 screws and nuts.  

Z Probe uses m2 screws and nuts.  

All STL files are netfabb fixed and print cleanly without a fan.

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