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Simple Cricket Cage

The cage is designed to be 60 mm tall, but you can adjust the measurements as desired.

1.  Print your parts.
2.  Cut your bamboo skewers.
     A.  Cut four 61.5 mm pieces for the gate.
     B.  Cut five 63 mm pieces for the supports.
     C.  Cut twenty seven 64.5 mm pieces for the bars.  
3.  Glue the four 61.5 mm pieces into the gate.
4.  Glue the five 63 mm pieces into the five recessed holes in the base. (see photo)
5.  Insert the gate through the holes in the top.
6.  Glue the top to the five supports on the base. (see photo)
7.  Put a drop of glue in one of the recessed holes in the top, insert one of the 64.5 mm bars through the matching hole in the base, add another drop of glue to the hole in the base.
8.  Repeat step 7 for each bar.
9.  Insert one bracket into the top, glue if necessary.
10.  Insert handle into first bracket and snap other handle bracket into the top.
11.  Add cricket!

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