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Chevy SB Receiverbox for Axial Wraith

Now you can change your stock receiverbox of your Axial Wraith with this cool Chevy SB V8 receiverbox. It can hold a RC-Receiver with the max. dimensions of

55mm x 26mm x 16mm.

I´ve separated the "bolt on" parts of the engine. That gives you the
ability to print the engine parts in different colors. After printing
the parts can be glued together. Some parts are real tricky to print
such as Kabelstrang.stl, Einspritzleiste.stl. I´ve provided a holding
structure for these parts (you have to combine it with the support Structure of your slicing software).

The part Zuendkabel.stl is impossible to print (on my Ultimaker 2).

You can print the parts of any material of your choice (I prefer PLA).

I used flexible PLA for the serpentine belt (Rippenriemen.stl)

You need 2 pieces of the part "Ventildeckel.stl" (the Valvecovers).

To mount the Engine Model on your Wraith, you have to delete the existing RC-Box, the upper and lower crossmember and the plastic plug (where you can adjust the slipper spring). Then pack your receiver in the engine block and screw on the Transmission bellhousing (screws: 3x12mm with thread for plastic). After that, place the engine into engine compartment of your Wraith and screw it on with the bolts of the lower crossmember. Reinstall the upper crossmember. That´s all!!

The last two rendered pictures shows some Upgrades for the Engine Block. They are not a part of this database, but you can get these parts on my homepage:

Have Fun with this Kit!!!!

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