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3D printable brushless gopro hero3 gimbal for TBS Discovery quadcopter frame.
Presentation video:

Here is a video of it flying:

And here is a video of my quadcopter setup and how to mount the parts:

Of course if you get the TBS Discovery Pro from Team Black Sheep then you don't need this. It already have a brushless gimbal on it:

Update: The gimbal also works with the original gopro hd hero
And most likely also the hero 2. 
I also added a modified version in file that is supposed 
to be optimized for hero1, but i have not tested myself and i will not..

TBS Core is not compatible with this gimbal. It is in the way for it.
I am thinking of a solution to the problem. 

Print all the parts. The roll motor mount (pl-roll-mm.stl) needs to be printed with support.

Some prints are a bit tricky, you might need to after drill some holes and clean up a bit with a knife..

Build it using the parts from the goodluckbuy gimbal (see bill of materials).

The gimbals IMU is glued to the under side of the little plate that extrudes on the down side of the gopro mount. 

You need to cut away parts of the TBS Discovery frame.
(yes you will need to mutilate your frame to use this gimbal, be careful not to
cut or drill into any electrical traces in the plates). 

See included picture. cutplates.jpeg for where to cut. 

The fpv camera is glued or taped to the mount, you might need to file the hole a 
bit to make it fit.

Do not force the parts together, then the parts might break, drill the holes a bit or 
file on the parts instead if they don't fit smoothly..

Fly and enjoy stabilized video :-)

ps. I can be slow on answering mail, comments etc. If i have not answered within a week i will probably never do so you need to send again ! Sorry about that i have a lot of things to do and have hard time keeping up on my mail sometimes. 

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