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Microscope Adapter for Droid Turbo Phone

After designing web cam adapters for my microscopes and telescope, I decided I should make adapters that let me put the much higher resolution camera in my phone on the microscopes and telescope.  This is the first of the series.

This adapter allows me to mount the phone on the eyepiece and take very high resolution photos (21 Mp) and even 4k video through the microscope.  It was designed and printed as two parts that glue together after printing to minimize support material required.  Video samples here: 


The "tube" can easily be edited for length and diameter to fit whatever optical instrument you want to use.  Note that the tube fits on the aluminum part of the scope just below the eyepiece (marked by a red arrow), not the eyepiece itself.

To modify the tube to fit your scope, hold your phone up to the eyepiece and see where it forms a good, full-view image.  Make a note of the distance from the eyepiece to the camera lens, then measure the scope eyepiece tube diameter and length.  Use that diameter for the inside diameter of the tube , and pull the length of the tube up to match the measurement of the scope eyepiece tube length.  be sure to leave a few mm in the length to move the camera back and forth for best image quality when mounted on the scope.

The droid turbo camera has some pincushion distortion in the optics that become apparent when taking pictures with straight lines running across the field of view, but they aren't too bad.

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