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Steampunk Iron Man Hand

While many of the printable prosthesis designs have come a long way in proving it's function. They still have a long way to go in aesthetics. This iteration focuses on building upon that base but making it more creative, fun and acceptable to children to alleviate the psychological stress of having to use a prosthesis.

This is a first version. Most of the aesthetic and base structure is complete. A level of refinement & revision towards the function and usability is required. Future improvements include: variable finger tension, rotatable thumb. 

Printing requirements:

You will require 5 "turrets" for each string

4 sets of the finger parts. (all fingers use the same part) except for the thumb which has it's own 2 joint set.

the stretchy cord should be tied to the circle to keep it flush in the system.

To assemble the top piece, press the corner furthest away from the thumb first.

Very tight tolerances. Make sure you test 1 set of finger joints for tolerance first before you begin. The skin should be tight enough on the internal part that they shouldn't slide around. This is essential to keep the pins in.

Please feel free to iterate and improve on this design.

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