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Hall Effect Magnetic Endstop Adapter

A small Hall-Effect adapter that has the same form factor and mounting holes as the miniature microswitches used in most reprap-style printers.

Accepts a a3144 or similar hall-effect sensor in place of the switch lever.

Allows easy conversion from mechanical to hall-effect endstops.

To build one.

1) Print STL

2) Fit heat shrink sleeving on all three legs of A3144 and heat to shrink.

3) Push pins through hole in adapter so active face of sensor faces outwards from adapter face.

4) Superglue or Epoxy sensor flush with adapter

5) Solder 3-way header onto three legs of sensor. A "+" and "S" on the side of the adapter body are there to remind you of polarity. If you use a different sensor chip (and even if you don't, frankly) then MAKE SURE THE POLARITY IS CORRECT. You don't want to feed Vcc to the sensor pin on your electronics.

6) Glue header to back side of adapter.

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