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3D Printed & Laser Cut, Lil-CNC Mill ACv2

Not much bigger than an All-In-One printer, this little mill can etch most materials, including etching the copper off of PCB's. It can also cut, drill, mill, most soft, and some medium density materials.

While its not very fast, its amazing what it can do, especially considering how light on the pocketbook it is to build.

And if you want it to do more,. upgrade the spindle motor, add some side stiffeners, and swap out the all thread for precision acme threaded rods.

Not only that, but the design is fairly scale-able with out having to re-print parts, though you would have to re cut the laser cut parts, and get longer rods.

Premium quality printed parts kits are now available

NEW! - Cherry Red -

NEW! - Navy Blue  -

Black -

Neon Green -

Watch the mill etch this Hello World logo into acrylic:

The square border around the Hello World Open Hardware logo I designed is 40x40mm, making it a great little first etch image for X, & Y movement calibration. The text, at its tallest ~4mm tall. The cutting bit used was a 25deg, 0.3mm flat tip engraving bit.

This re-work is 100% backwards compatible with the original laser cut frame provided on the instructable, though a few of the small M3 hardware bits have changed in count & length.

For more detail check out the instructable @

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