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The Hook'r
This hook will save you a trip to the store for one of those other more commanding hooks that cost more money. Easy on the eyes and wallet. You can have 25 of them faster than YouMagine.

The size is 3/4" x 2" inches. A strong ergonomic look that stands out. Screwed to the wall or glued from the back. Either way you are good to go. Stick one for the back of your door, make them for Christmas gifts or party lighting.

Printing advice
I would suggest printing with the face down using a brim and 100% infill. The shape wont require any support as it builds up from below. You can use ABS or PLA in any color you like. You can scale the model up or down and make clips from big to small. Units are english.

Thank you
Please encourage me and others alike to keep sharing ideas and creations. Give feedback and favorite me if you find this useful. Thank you and may the force be with you.

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