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Ultimaker 2 Door / Tür

You need a discription for a door??? Go and play with the kids... ;)

Simple Ultimaker 2 Door For Holding The Temperature Stable Inside.

Look in YOUMAGINE for Hinge by Tin Lynx, it´s my favourite hinge because it´s easy to print! By the way great job Tin!

First you have to assemble the hinges to the 3mm plexi-glass plate. Of course you have to drill into you Ultimaker2 frame but it's worth it ;)

Drill a 10mm hole for the Knob into the plexi-glass but not to far away from the housing frame (~18mm).

Cut a M5 thread into the knob for M5 x 20mm screw.

By turning the Knob after you have closed the door there is no possibility for air to either get in or out because it´s jammed to the housing.

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