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Filament holder

I needed a bracket to mount my 3d printer filament spools to the wall. I went online, called a few stores, but what I envisioned was quite unique. I could make something from pipes at Home Depot I figured...

Instead I modeled my ideal bracket on the computer. It took 20 minutes and then I sent the file to my 3d printer. I had my bracket in my hands an hour later. A little sanding and polishing and I screwed to the wall.

It cost me 75 cents in plastic and saved me and the planet of waste. It was also quite fun and I learned something. Now I am sharing it with you. This is the future of product development!

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It is a durable bracket that turns your wall into a 3d printer feeding system that is easy to maintain and access. It looks cool and works like threading a needle.. Feed your printer from a wall of reels. An award winning design in terms of simplicity, makebility, & durability, it mounts to any flat surface with three recessed screws. It is very strong and reels just slip on and are easy to manage. All edges have been rounded so no need for any finish work.

Use for reels with 2" diameter holes and no thicker than 3.75" inches.  Size 4.2" x 3" x 2.2" Inches.

Printing advice
Print ABS or PLA. I have taken care to make it easy to make.  Print with flat side down using a raft. I have included settings that work well for me. Units are English. 

layer_height = 0.20; fill_density = 100; nozzle_size = 0.4; print_speed = 50; support = None; platform_adhesion = Raft; bottom_thickness = 0; travel_speed = 50.0; bottom_layer_speed = 20

Thank you
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