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IRONMAN LED Light/Nighlight

Here's a video of it in action...

This is a extruded LED IronMan I printed on my dual extruder... I took a JPEG of the IronMan and traced it in Solidworks... I then extruded and filleted the IronMan and saved it as its own STL to be used in dual extrusion... I then designed a plate around the IronMan, added holes for screws and save that as its own STL... Lastly, I design a shell to go around the plate and IronMan, the shell has aligned screw holes so it can be fastened to the plate...

I then printed the shell in regular ole black PLA on my Rep 2... And I did the dual extrusion using the same black PLA for the plate and I used Bendlay (link below) to print the IronMan... I used Bendlay because it is extremely translucent (91% of light passes through)...

I then hooked up an RGB LED strip, wrapped it around the inner shell and hooked it up to an IR receiver so it can be controlled with a remote...

I've also made the following logo's, designs for LED hookup...

Bendlay Link:

Here's some links to other LED logos I made like this one...

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