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PCB routing build platform for Thing-O-Matic

This is an alternative build-platform for the Thing-o-Matic.

(May also fit the Cupcake, You'll have to try.)

Using the ABP-quick-release ( )

you can quickly switch your automated build platform for this platform and using

the Repman toolhead adapter ( )

and Dremel Milling Toolhead ( )

you can start milling PCBs.

Make mechanics, enclosures AND electronics on your desktop factory!

I'm currently preparing a video explaining all the steps

from printing the parts down to setting up VIsolate

for optimized voronoi milling and then actually

milling a spare Thing-o-Matic end-stop.

This is already version 1.2 of the platform while I used version 1.1 .

The difference is that you can level the platform using 4 small bolts now.

Blog Entry:



ComponentTraces.pho is a nice file to test this.

It is the upper side of the v1.2 mechanical end-stop for a Thing-o-Matic.

(You can have 3 additional end-stops + 1 emergency-stop -switch.)

In the video I describe the basics of running vIsolate

( )

to do optimized voronoi milling of that PCB.

There are lots of other programs to do the g-code generation too.

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