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dremel milling toolhead for RepMan

This is an alternative toolhead to allow milling with a RepMan 3d printer.

Feel free to adapt it to other printers like Mendel, Darwin and Makerbot.

It should work fine for milling 3d-objects (Skeinforge) and PCBs
(visolate) or for exact drilling (drill holder attachment) and cutting
(90° attachment and cutting-disc).

You need a Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment (Model 225) and a Dremel as well
as an M5x95mm(or longer) screw or threaded rod for this.



(I used )

Update: I made a Video
() of my first tests of PCB
milling using this toolhead. It performed well given that I fitted a way
too large milling-bit and did not tighten/block the springs holding the

Update: Experimental Skeinforge settings for milling are documented here:



(Details: )

Get 10 small mendel parts or 2 larger ones or your design printed for

adapting this RepMan Dremel milling-toolhead to fit the Mendel.


Note that you will probably have to design a new x-carriage-lower_1off
or even also a x-carriage-upper_1off due to the poor design of the
Mendel x-carriage regarding mounting alternative tools that are wider
then 22mm.

5 additional small or 1 large parts if you can do it so extruder and
mill can be switched with 4 or less easily accessible screws.

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