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Thing-O-Matic: Removable ABP mod

This is a simple modification to the ABP,

to make it removable.

This way we can quickly switch to alternative

build-platforms better suited to the current

tool-head or object to print.

(e.g. HBP for tall objects or a vice for

milling and "steptrusion" or a clamp for drawing.)

Print 2 of these.
Loosen the bolts on the acrylic sides of the platform.
Insert these parts in the front and back.
(It is intentionally 2mm wider then the original one, so it slides off easily later.)
Drill holes for the one bolt per side.
Remove the original bolts and insert them into their new location.
Cut the acrylic around the original bolt hole.

To remove the ABP, just
remove the 2 bolts per side on the horizontal part
and pull the ABP up.

The following video explains how we insert these:

Blog post:


You may use this part to design new built platforms.

(I'm thinking about designing a vice-like platform for PCB milling.)

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