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O.penVape Pen Case

Compact case to protect your O.penVape pen. Stands the pen upright when not in use to diminish the chance of a leak. Fits nicely in your pocket.

Print the base bottom down vertically.

Print the cap with the hole facing down.

Print the screw on end.

Using 30% infill, if desired, to make it nice and strong.

To assemble, turn the screw part way into the base. Then add the cap to the other end. Slowly twist the cap and the base until the are flush with each other and in alignment. It may be a little snug at first. Next unscrew the cap from the bottom. The screw will either stay in the base or the cap. Using a pair of pliers, gently remove the screw from the base or cap. Finally apply a few drops of crazy glue to the threads inside the cap where the screw will bottom out. Insert the screw just a small way into the cap. Now screw the base on the other end and hand tighten until the cap and base are flush and in alignment. Hold the finished case upside down for about a minute for the glue to dry, and to insure no glue leaks into the base. Unscrew the cap and the screw should now be locked into the cap.


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