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Ultimaker 2 Fixation on IKEA Alex

I used 3x25mm screws to fix.
This fixes the Ultimaker 2 in place.

I have a little space to the back for two reasons:

1. My office is under the roof so I have angled walls and when I place my Ultimaker 2 to the very edge of the shelf the bowden tube hits the wall, the space is enough so it only slightly touches the wall.

2. The power cord and the USB cable have a little more rest on the shelf and are not bent right after leaving the case.
For real fixing both parts are needed, one on each side! That is why there is a normal and a mirrored part. Otherwise the printer can turn and crack the part or slide to the side!
For mounting place the parts on the shelf, place the Ultimaker 2 in the parts then slide the parts to the outside as far as possible. Then screw them in place.

The printer can be easily removed by lifting it out of the parts.

Printed parts oriented as shown in the renders.
Need supports in the upper area.

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