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Klöts (Quick shoe ties)

Smart and cool way to tie your shoes fast.  

Why are Klöts better than normal shoelaces?  

- It is faster way to tie your shoes.  

- They look personal and cool.  

- They will always stay at the same tension. (Super useful for sports)  

- Customizable  

There are 3 different models available:  

Klöts 3 - For small shoes and kids shoes  

Klöts 4 - For average sized shoes  

Klöts 5 - For big shoes and boots  


Added strips to make Klöts look even cooler and more personal.  

How to use?  

1. Print Klöts (and strips)  

(1.2 Super glue strips in place)  

2. Undo your shoelaces  

3. Thread shoelaces through Klöts  

4. Make sure that the tension is right  

5. In the end make a really tight knots  

6. Put the rest of your shoelaces into the shoes.

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