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Crosman 1377 Pump Arm

*NOTE* The included sketchup modeled is scaled up by 10x. The STL is 1:1.

This is a printable replacement pump arm for the Crosman 1377. It features a much larger profile for your hand to grab onto. No more pinched finger tips with this arm. I didn't like the swoopy look of the backpacker pump arm, and the wood options out there, while super nice, are out of my price range.

IMPORTANT: The original model was printed out, and while it fit the pump arm linkage just fine, it was hitting the barrel band and was preventing the piston from fully opening up, so it didn't work. I have changed the design slightly and reuploaded it as V2.

*NOTE* The included sketchup modeled is scaled up by 10x! The STL is 1:1.

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