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Pebble Steel Charge Dock

This is my own design for a charge dock specifically for the Pebble Steel watch.

Designed in 123D Design, I made a total of four different designs before finalising this, plus I print tested two oblong blocks for determining a good CSG subtraction to accommodate the charge connector, came out nearly perfect!

You slide the standard Pebble charge connector in sideways up from the bottom, then jam the cable in place thru the cable gap, then pull the cable outwards and orient the connector in the bottom of the dock to slide it into position. An extra gap was provided lengthwise to accommodate angling the connector into final position.

I've not experienced the slightest of scratching on the watch as it slides in or out, but if it bothers you, I see no reason why the inside can't be lined with soft felt glued in.

If I were to improve the design, I'd create some kind of a 'light pipe' so you can see the charging LED. However this isn't much of an issue as the charge indicator (on certain watch face apps) shows whether it's charging or not.

Furthermore I found that you can wrap the whole charging cable into the gap in the dock (when the watch isn't in it of course!) to hold it securely, so in future it may be worthwhile making a slot for the USB connector to slide into on the outer edge, for portability.

I'd like to hear your comments, this is pretty much my first 3D printed design, at least above TinkerCAD level stuff! I'm thrilled with 3D printing - hooked for life!

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