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Stormtrooper Foosball Heads

I decided to enhance our Foosball table with a "Star Wars" theme. Originally, I was going to print the entire Foosball "player", but there was some concern about the 3D printed players breaking. In the end, I just printed a head that snaps onto the head of the Foosball player.

Be aware that these heads are larger than the normal head of the Foosball player. It changes the balance of the player (they tend to hang upside down more than they did before), and the head may hit the ball more than it did before. So if you are a very serious Foosball player, this modification may not be for you. But we haven't noticed any significant change to how we play, and it's fun to see.

Note that this is a Sportcraft Foosball table, and is somewhat small, so these may not fit on your Foosball table "players". The OpenSCAD file is available if you need to modify the shape/size of the head that this will fit over. For the STL file included, the head of the player is essentially a rounded square 24 mm wide and 10.8 mm tall, topped by a "hat" that is a truncated sphere that is 11.4 mm tall, and 29 mm in diameter at its widest. Again, edit the OpenSCAD file as necessary.

Also note that I did not design the Stormtrooper head. The "helmet1.stl" file used is from Christopher Zuk, and can be found at Since he licensed the helmet under the "Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike" license, I am doing the same for this model.

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