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PanelDue 4.3" Compact Enclosure

All of the 4.3" PanelDue enclosures available for the type of display supplied by Think3DPrint3D are quite wide, and look a little unbalanced due to there not being a rotary control knob implemented. Also, I didn't like the fact that on the display I had, the control board needed to sit off to the side.

So, I hacked together a straight-through 40pin connector from the display to the controller so that I could mount the controller on the rear of the display. If you happen to have a retro 40pin ribbon connection from an old CD-ROM or IDE HDD, this would work just as well as all you need is a straight through connection for each pin.

As I wasn't worried about regular access to the erase/reset switches or the USB input for flashing new firmware, I didn't put any holes into the enclosure for theses. It's a 20 second job to remove the back plate to access these on the odd occasion it's required.

The enclosure can be mounted anywhere on the frame that you need - I prefer it central, hanging from the top rail between the tool control arms - it doesn't get in the way of anything and looks tidy in my opinion.

The enclosure has a back which is just secured with two self tapping screws.

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