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Trumpet Adaptive Device

This adaptive device was designed for Karuna and is accommodates limb deficiencies on the left hand. The design is scaled to fit a Bach Student Trumpet, model TR300. The system is made up of five components:
(1) MAIN - surrounds and snaps onto the left side of the valves
(2) BOTTOM - slides over the base of the valves and main, snaps into place
(3) DOVETAIL - connects to the palm via two 1/8" barrel diameter Chicago screws, slides in and out of the main valve surround
(4) PALM - connects to both the dovetail and gauntlet via two 1/8" barrel diameter Chicago screws
(5) GAUNTLET - connects to the palm via two 1/8" barrel Chicago screws, slotted for Velcro attachment to arm
You can download the original size, OR you can download scalable versions of the DOVETAIL, PALM, and GAUNTLET.
There are two different versions of the PALM - one that is full and must be printed on its "top," and one that can be printed in two parts and joined together with acetone or other adhesive method. When assembled, the trumpet with MAIN and BOTTOM attached, fits perfectly into the Bach trumpet case for easy storage after use.
This device was created during a 2015 Summer Fellowship, funded by the Enable Community Foundation, in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Digital Craft Research Lab. For more information on this device visit my blog:

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