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Sequential Stackable Geometric Forms

Sequential Stackable Geometric Forms

This simple game was inspired in some descriptions made by my girl friend that works with children, some of them with some special needs of attention.

As known, depending on the age of the child and developed program for children, stack with a sequence can be a valuable exercise.

Why geometric? Because it can be usefull to introduce some simple math, such as counting the sides of each piece. Because it is easier to fit.

The geometry may not be the best approach to some young children, but later I will make a non-geometric version.

This game fits to any child in a wide age range.

My goal was to create the sequential stackable game that could be printed easily, at home or in school, in any cheap FDM (FFF) printer.

The chalange was to keep it cheap without losing the point. So I came with those forms that can be replicated even in wood, that stacks inside of each other.

There are 2 versions of the same game with the slight difference in height of each form. Thus achieves two different fine motor skills levels.

My tested settings:


Layer height 0,24mm

Infill 7%

1mm wall


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