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Magnetic Mount Spool Holder

Warning: I designed this in ENGLISH, so beware. You will probably need to scale it up in your slicer.

I feel like spool holders must be some kind of rite of passage.

I had a hard time finding a spool holder that I liked. The one i settled on didn't work well when the filament was low on the spool. the spool would be lifted up off the beaings and land sideways on the table.

The cart we put our Ultimaker2 on has steel side panels and I like the spool being lower than the Ultimaker2 so that the filament can go relatively straight up into the feeder.

I thought about putting a lazy-susan on the floor, but I want the cart to be "self contained" and I didn't want people kicking it.

This is designed for the Ultimaker brand filament. I tried something else and got mixed results so I am sticking with the Ultimaker brand filament for a while. Ironically I printed this with the stuff I had been having problems with... It came out great.

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