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Flexible fingertip for prosthetics - prototype 1

This fingertip is based on a silicone fingertip which is used by a research group in Brazil (mao3d) for e-nable ( prosthetic hands. I intend to contribute to the project and this is my first prototype using flexible filament (Ninjaflex) to print.

Printed with 0.1mm layer height using 30mm/s speed and support in the hollow circles which was later removed.

It will pass through some tests and will likely have a few iterations because it's good enough for replacing the silicone part.

I have modeled it in OpenSCAD to enable others to improve on my design and also to be easily modifiable to various sizes. In the future, I will probably turn it into a custom or parametric design.

Kudos to Dr. Maria Elizete Kunkel who gave me a sample on which to base and model the part.

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