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FFF 3D-printable Utah Teapot with separate lid

This version of the very famous Utah teapot is adapted to be 3D printable on an FFF 3D printer. The model is made of two parts, the body and the lid as a separate item. In contrast to the original version this teapot has an inside and working spout!

The teapot can be 3D-printed in one go without need of any support. The only exception is the built-in webbed support for the upper part of the handle. This can be easily removed with a sharp knife.
The original size of the model in the STL file is 180 mm from the back part of the handle to the front of the spout. It can be scaled larger and smaller. If you want to make it smaller, please make the webbed support thicker so it maintains roughly 0.5 mm in thickness.
The model in the image was 3D-printed with PLA plastic filament on a

The Utah Teapot was made 38 years ago by Martin Newell back at the University of Utah. It has become an icon for computer graphics since then and can be found in 3D software and movies. Read more about it at:


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