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Drink Coaster for SPEEDRUN

If you'd like to do a speedrun follow these rules:

1) Print at 0.1mm layer height with 1 perimeter, zero infill and zero top/bottom layers
2) Take a video of your printer printing at least 1 full layer and time it. Try to include a stopwatch or cell phone timer in the shot so we know its not sped up (I forgot to do this, but mine isn't going to win since its not very fast).
3) Post your video and try to show the final print so we can be sure it printed ok (i.e., it holds together) and include a comment here with the link!

Here's a video of my print:

My print was done on a Series 1 using default acceleration. I was maxed out at about 50mm/sec average speed due to acceleration limits (and/or Jerk speed limits). I'm hoping someone can get an average speed of 200mm/sec, which would mean a layer time of 6.7 seconds.

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