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Mostly Printed CNC

Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool

All the current parts can be found at

Nice write up, explains this in more detail

I set out to build a minimal cost CNC Machine with the goal of some basic aluminum capabilities. Not a speed demon but it gets the job done. I am very happy with its capabilities.

Wood Demo

3D Printing

Dual head


Hope this helps
Hardware and printed parts available here.

Printing info

The only special tools needed are a hacksaw, and a drill to drill 4 holes.

This can be easily expanded to almost any length, width, and depth depending on rigidity required. Shorter lengths = more rigid.

Most woods and plastics should be no problem. I test milled Aluminum with a footprint of 23.5in x 32in x 4in. Aluminum works well, I have a lot to learn but did a test cut of 6061 with a 1/8" 2 flute endmill at 15k RPM, .005" step down, 15in/min feed rate. These feeds and speeds seemed conservative.

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