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Magnetic Delta Effector Kossel

A delta effector for the use of magnetic joints, that uses the "standard" distance of 50mm between the rods. The Mounting holes are a very tight fit and should be drilled out. The nut-traps are made to accomodate M4 nuts.

The hotend can be attached by the standard mounting of M3 screws on a 25mm radius. The screwheads are recessed by a depth of 4mm and a diameter of 6mm.

There are three additional mounting points for M4 screws (for bed probe or others). There is another version that has a mounting point for a string or spring to hold the diagonal rod under tension, as used in the Cherry Pi design. This mounting point also accomodates a M4 Nut.

Solidworks file also available (created with Solidworks Student Edition 2014-2015)

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