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UM2 Cover Hooks

This is a simple plexiglass front door design for the Ultimaker 2. It simply hangs from the top and snaps to the top of the front plate. It is based on the https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-plexi-hook design by pmdude.

In using the original design by pmdude, the plastic would weaken and deform from the heat on prolonged prints.  This caused the hook to sag to the point of the plexiglass falling off.  I redesigned the hook from scratch using a thicker top width with reinforced ribs.  I also beefed up the edge rails to further strengthen the design.

To build this, cut a piece of plexiglass or acrylic.  I used the stuff found in a hardware store for window pane replacement.  Cut a 12" square using a fine tooth circular saw (or just buy a 12" square part).  If you cut it, use a small hand torch on the edge, moving quickly and repeatedly, along the edge to smooth the edge and make it clear.  Rotate around the perimeter and try not to overheat the edge or it will bubble.

Using masking tape, place the tape to mark where the hooks will be positioned, 2" from the outside edge on the left and right.  Place the hooks on the plexiglass so they are inside the tape markers and use a 3 mm drill bit to drill through the plexiglass.  Use a sharp bit at high speed.  This will ensure a perfect alignment.

Print using ABS (ideally) and use an acetone treatment, if desired, to get a smooth, mirror like finish on the parts.

Place the hooks on the plexiglass, and line up the holes.  Push a piece of filament through the hole and snip it off flush with fine wire snips.  Use a small soldering iron to melt the edges of the filament flat so that it splays out a bit and sticks to the hook.

Hook the assembly on the Ultimaker 2, and press down on the lower part of the hook to lock it onto the front of the printer.

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