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UM 2 iPhone (time-lapse) mount

Everyone seems to love a time-lapse 3D print movie, its a great way to see the magic of desk top 3D printing happen before your very eyes! But i find it's normally a real pain to set up - tripods are just too big to fit around my desk and getting that close-in shot is tricky to set up.

So i designed this 3D printable compact, articulated, multi-angle mount. Both top and front shot options, with a threaded frame clamp mount.

I've included two frame mount files for both the MakerBot Rep 2 and the Ultimaker 2 and two phone clamp files for the iPhone 5 & 6. Phones slide into their mounts,

You can also print and add more joints to give you different shot angle options or shoot with two phones at the same time!

I'm hoping that people will be able to remix with other printer mounts and phone mounts to this set.

DISCLAIMER: The iphone mounts are designed to hold both phones securely, but please ensure that your phones are secure in your printed mount - i would hate to hear of anyone dropping a phone or breaking their UM 2 glass heated bed!


Print Settings

Rafts: 1

Resolution: 0.1 for sockets and thread

Infill: high infill


Printed in Faberdashery Robot Silver and Arctic White

Print the ball sockets and threaded parts at a high infill for strength and a fine resolution to get a nice tight fit.

If your printer is over extruding the threaded parts may be too tight to work.

The frame mounts are in 2 parts, fit both parts onto the printer frame and then slide the parts together.


The ball and sockets will be a tight fit, but i found they still became loose after only a short time.

So, i added the snap ring file. Follow the exploded diagrams to fit these snap rings into the grooves around the sockets - again, they will be tight to slide on but they will hold the socket closed around the ball and keep the articulated joints tight.

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