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3D Scanner - Android Based

NO, this is not Starship Enterprise even though It looks like.

It is my interpretation of a 3d Scanner. With a few additionally parts, an android phone has all the capabilities to help you
3D scanning an item of interest.
Just follow the instructions!
Highlights about this scanners are:

    small printing time, only the disk takes little more time
    No microcontroller and firmware needed, only laser and motor

The video of the owl can be found at

Another one of "Adolf the duck" is

I would really appreciate if you posted some fotos and some scan results!


    Print the parts
    prepare the rods
    insert the m3 screws and nuts into the base
    mount the motor into the motor house
    put everything together
    connect the laser and the motor electrically. I used a 12V power adapter and an LM7805 to supplpy the laser
    adjust the laser(1. adjust lens for minimal laser line thickness, 2 adjust laser to be exactly vertical, 3.) adjust laser to point exactly to center of dish)
    Get Android app "scan3doid" from the Google Playstore (make sure to use at least 1.3, older versions are quite unstable)
    Mount the Android Device to the phone holder
    Finish with the instructions in the Android App

Some hints for succesful 3D scanning

    First trial is not always the best. Retry with different settings to improve the result.
    Care for a good setup. What the laser does not touch, and the camera does not see, will not be translated to the STL File

Happy 3D scanning

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