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Stepper driver trimpot aligner / screwdriver tool


To start, this is a very difficult print. It might not work well in every printer.

Please try to print the shapes exactly as they are given, otherwise it will not work. No support. You can use brim, it worked for me, but you can also print without it. You HAVE to use PLA or another rigid material, because ABS is too flexible for this. I have tested the shapes in many positions and configurations, and these are the only ones which work. In fact, you need a very well calibrated 3D printer to get them right, specially the phillips and slotted tips, because they are quite thin.

The layer height also have to be at most 0.10mm; higher values won't work.

Please CHECK the gcode path before attempting to print! Wrong settings will spoil the print - again, this is a very difficult print. You might want to set XY compensation / horizontal size compensation to a value higher than zero (I have used 0.10mm) if the tip ends do not appear.

Once you have printed the parts you might have to sand them. Take care, the tips are thin and can break easily. If you need to enlarge an orifice, use a heated metal tip to do it. You might try a trick with the tip if it prints too rough: heat it with a lighter or a heat gun until it is soft (but not melting) and then dip it in the trimpot; hopefully it will conform to its shape.

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