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Barrel Puzzle

A simple 6 segment twisty puzzle, that requires no additional parts to assemble (it just snaps together!). Functionally identical to the "Rubik's Cheese". SolidWorks file included so you can change up the lettering if you so desire.

Size is 35mm high and approx. 41mm diameter. The design can be scaled up, I have printed it at 1.5x size without problems.

STL files are for a version that reads 1-6 in the solved state. Blank pieces are included if you want to make up your own design (or build a stickered version).

Sadly, the parts are not oriented properly for printing in the STL files, but it is trivial to rotate them to an appropriate orientation in your slicer. Some support material is required (especially on the core). Check out the pictures to see a possible arrangement on the build plate.

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