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e-Nable - YuLia Custom hand

As part of the e-Nable project I was assigned to design a custom hand for a girl in need who would not benefit from the standard e-Nable devices.

I designed the model from Scratch in Fusion360. This is the 4th and final prototype which is currently being tested by the hands name giver Yu-Lia

The design is based on the "pinch"  motion which is crucial for a good hand function. Yu-Lia still had a functioning (although deformed) finger which I integrated in the design function to act as the Index finger.

In the design I used a 3D scan of her hand and modeled the hand around it. The mechanics are similar to the raptor, but do rely heavily on the movement of Yu-Lia's remaining finger which essentially pulls the 3D printed thumb.

The design comes with 3 alternative tensioner links to provide different levels of leverage in the tensioning wire.

The tensioner links and the finger tips are connected using short pieces of 3mm filament (why design a 3mm pin when you have tons in stock :D )

You will notice the fingers are purely aesthetic the hand is fully functional without them.

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