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UM2 "Olsson Block" Fan Mount


Added V2 version for stock nozzle compatibility and increased airflow. Included is a PDF of the Kapton tape cutouts. Print out at 1:1 and use as a template to cut the tape.

Replacement fan mount for the Ultimaker 2 for use with Olsson Block. Lowers the bottom of the fan mount while improving air flow. I was getting temp errors before with the Olsson Block cooling too quickly. This along with changing the "Fan full on at height (mm)" to 2.0 helped fix this. I printed the fan mount with ColorFabb XT-CF20 and lined the inside with Kapton tape. I've been printing at 240º without any issues so far.

Printed Settings

Layer height: 0.12mm

Shell thickness: 1.6mm

Bottom/Top thickness: 1.6mm

Fill Density : 20%

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