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Easy Hex Thermoform Bracelet

This simple bracelet prints as a flat string of hexagons in less than 12 minutes. Boil some water while you're waiting and then heat and bend the print into a bracelet that custom-fits your wrist!

It only takes a minute to shape the bracelet after printing:

* Add very hot water to a container and then submerge the bracelet strip.
* Poke the strip a bit with a fork and you'll find that it is very flexible and soft after just a couple of seconds.
* Pull the strip out with the fork and immediately form it into a rough curve. (The water will be hot but the bracelet cools very quickly.)
* To refine the shape, dip parts of the bracelet back into the hot water and then bend them into shape.

The idea for designing a bracelet that you heat and bend after printing was inspired by the bracer instructions in Gyrobot's fantastic Flexy-Finger Prothesis model at

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