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x4 Coin Holder

A handy coin holder for your car, pocket or bag. The coin holder is designed to hold the £1 (both old and new designs), 50p, 20p and 10p UK sterling coins that are currently in circulation.

Assembly Instructions

1) Place a spring into each of the coin silos within the 'Base' part.

2) Carefully place the appropriate 'Plunger' onto each of the springs (each 'Plunger' is designed to fit exactly within a specific coin silo).

3) Apply glue to the bottom of the 'Top' part (the bottom is the side that is not flat).

4) Taking care not to displace the 'Plungers' carefully glue the 'Top' and 'Base' parts together. You may wish to clamp the two parts together in order to ensure a good bond.

5) The coin holder is now assembled.

I have now added an alternative 'Base (Extended)' part that has more capacity and that can be used in place of the 'Base' part. I keep an extended base version of the coin holder in my drawer at work, to use in vending machines etc.

The design has been amended so that the coin holder can accommodate the new design £1 coin that entered circulation in 2017.

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