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Dual Fogger Chamber

This is the first upload of a work in progress.  Still tweaking immersion depth and snugging up the fogger clips, adding a bit of cable routing and hoping to improve on the bottle threading a little.

Have your foggers ready and the fogging chamber empty. Fill the 2-liter soda bottle with cool water. I recommend a few wraps around with the plumbers' tape. Turn the chamber upside-down and screw it snugly (not too tight, but snug) onto the bottle. Put one finger over the triangular hole in the chamber and turn the contraption over. Keeping your finger over the hole (at least somewhat), install the foggers into the circular base clips. Run the cables out the back and use the routing holes if you prefer. Position the fogger and remove your finger from the hole if you haven't already so the base fills up.  When the base is full, check the soda bottle to ensure there are no leaks where it screws in. If everything looks good, wiggle the chamber cap into place and fire it up.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, with the understanding that any improvements might make their way into the next version of model files.

And when you're not fogging, it makes a great pet watering bowl.

I tend to go for larger, higher-precision STLs, so I apologize for the size of the files.

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