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Transformers COMBINER WARS Posable Hands

Articulated hands for Combiner wars style Gestalts and any other that attach on a 5mm peg. not suitable for holding 5mm peg guns. 

note - printed on my ultimaker original plus,  this design requires some fine tuning like re-drilling the holes for the steel rod, cutting the rod in pieces, there might be some friction issues that will require sanding/filing.

You need to mirror the hand body in your slicer to get the other hand done ;) 

the hinges for all fingers are universal, so you will need 5 per hand

middlefinger section is also universal, you need 5 per hand 

fingertips - 1 short for thumb, 2 long for middle and 2 regular for sides 

1 peg per hand 

if you need to have the holes re-drilled i recommend a hand drill of 1mm, anything faster than very slow will cut through like butter (temperature) 

i get best results with PLA, on UMO+ with this setup

temp: 215 c

bed: 50 c 

layer hight: 0.1

shell: 0.8

bottom/top fill: 0.8

infill: 100%

print speed: 30mm/s (speed applied to ALL categories of printing/travel eg. infill, shell, top, bottom)

support type: everywhere for hand body only, none for fingers and hinges

platform adhension: brim - 20 lines

PRINT ONE AT A TIME - enabled, otherwise you will get horrible stringing

this is still tested and developed, feel free to leave comments and tips. if needed i can share alibre source files. 

the project is free but it would be nice if you gave some appreciation and contributed so i can keep wasting my time on doing cool stuff like that ;) if you want to contribute please pm me or go to

thanks and enjoy!

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