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iPhone 6 Plus - Dock w/ Integrated Watch Charging Station

This is meant for use with the iPhone 6 Plus with the 1mm hard silicone case. It can be used without the case as shown in the picture, but it is a bit loose. It may work for the iPhone 6S Plus without a case since it is a little larger, but we haven't been able to test this.

Download iPhone_Watch_Stand.stl for the full, fused file. Send to a service like Shapeways for slick one-piece, support-free printing as shown in the images.

For printing on your own plastic extrusion printer, download Part 1 and Part 2.

It is also possible to print as one piece with supports, but you will need to remove support material from under the watch dock.

After printing, glue the two halves together to form a single piece with a small seam in front.

Original Source Files:

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