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Open Book

This is a simple model of an open, hardcover book, good for use as a miniature.  I used it as part of a custom snow globe, where it leans mostly vertical.  As such, the book is open at a less than 180 degree angle, to give it more character.  In other words, it does NOT lay flat; the covers are angled up slightly if laid flat on its spine.

I suggest printing the book standing up, with supports to help print the pages.  Printing the book flat creates an extreme overhang caused by the angled covers.  I did not use a raft for my print (book scaled to ~1.5" high).

I created this model by first designing the profile of the book in Inkscape.  I wanted to capture that complex curve that the pages make, so I took a picture of an open book, put it in the background of Inkscape, and then traced it.  Exported as SVG.

The SVG was imported into Blender, and then extruded into the final shape.

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