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Hotshoe for dual E27 umbrella holder

This is a modification to

Alone it can be used for lighting video with 2 or in conjunction with

with 4 light bulps as a very strong video light.

With a large umbrella it's a soft and and without a hard video light.

When you want photo and video, this modification allows to place a flash on the same umbrella.

The hot show is tapared to allow for easy insertion of the flash.

I provided a technical drawing with the dimentions and spacing used, in
case someone wants to design a different moficiation for this umbrella

blog posting:

Unscrew the top plate.

Keep the 2 screws.

Slide on this part and insert the screws into the 2 center recesses.

You can use 4 additional screws for the edges. The original part has holes for 4 additional screws but does not use them.

It can be a snug fit if your layer height is too large. In that case try to insert a flash while the plastic is still warm.

The print you see was aborted after that damn Thing-o-Matic failed after
25 of 60 minutes. (The usual extruder-jamming when the PLA gets too hot
due to an obvious design fault of the hot end.)

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