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Stand for Drayton Digistat 2/3+RF Thermostat

This is a handy stand for the Digistat 3+RF (or 2+RF) wireless thermostat. Normally the controller would be wall mounted, but we like to move ours around from time to time, so I made a stand for it.

The stand is made of two parts which are glued together (I used some superglue, although any sort of decent glue will do the job). The two parts only really connect together one way, so it's easy to get a good fit.

The stand clips to the back of the controller, using some lugs to locate into the screw holes and some clips to hold the stand to the back of the controller. Likewise, it can be unclipped easily if required. The PLA needs to flex slightly to properly clip into place.

Both parts can be printed in low, fast quality (which took about 30 minutes on my Ultimaker 1).

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