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A little bike printed in PLA on a Ultimaker2.
Pieces snap together easily (at least the parts for the large bike). You should be able to assemble it without any instructions.

Bike_04nozzle.stl = The whole bike, print it with 0.4 nozzle. (No text on the frame)
Bike_025nozzle.stl = The whole bike, scaled down to 50%. Print it with 0.25 nozzle. (No text on the frame)

I have also added all the individual parts so that you can remix more easily. They are all in original size.

If you want to add your own text, a name or similar to the frame... upload the file called (frame_text.stl) to Tinkercad or similar and just add some text to it. Look at frame_text_example.stl and you will see how the text should be placed.
Check the part in the slicer before you print it.

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