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Skylake delid tool

!!!!!You may Try out the Kaby-LAKE Delid tool as Skylake CPUs should also work with it !!!!!

A simple tool to remove the Heatspreader of your Skylake CPU.

tested with 6600K, 6700K, 4790K , G3258 (Skylake / Devils Canyon / Haswell )

May also work some other Haswell/Broadwell/Devils Canyon 115x CPUs (Heatspreader with sharp corners, only partially tested)

* print both parts,
* put some sort of rubber or foam on the inner bottom of the base.
* put the CPU into the CPU-holder with the long PCB part looking over the end of the tray.
* then put it in your vice and close it carefully.

For enough strengh print at least with 3 perimeters and 30% infill !


* Only for CPUs who are glued and with thermal-paste, not for soldered CPUs

EDIT: Does not Work with Ivybridge (* If someone is able to try out Ivybridge (round Heatspreader corners) it would be cool to give a feedback if it works, as i dont have such a CPU for test. )


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