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HeffaBot PolyStroooder Effector

The outside part with the fan attachements, LED ring & magnetic stud ball attachements are sourced (with a few modifications ) from Haydn Huntleys "Magnetic Effector with 3 Fans and LED Light Ring for Kossel Plus" found here:

I use the same magnetic ball studs that Haydn sells for a reasonable price, 12 are needed for a complete printer.

The ball studs are exactly 39.7 mm apart, to match the distance between the outer holes in OpenBuilds 20mm V-Slot™ Gantry Plate that I'm using as Delta carriage on my verticals.

Update 2016-02-22: Moved fan lugs by 60 degrees for better aim at the tip of each hotend. Also, this frees up some space between the effector and the idler belts.

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